For every dollar that goes into NASA, 8 dollars goes into our economy. Few government organizations have such large returns, even the interstate highway only outputted 7 dollars for every dollar. You should be more aware of all the technologies that NASA has helped create. Sattelite technology, weather predictioin, etc These technologies have feed far more mouths than any aid organization ever will. Do you think china would have been successful if they had only invested in feeding their people rather than also investing in infrastructure and technology? Aid is a short term solution, investments in science and technology is a long term one.

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Also 7.1 billion dollars have gone into oil subsidies, don't you think that giving subsidies to one of the most profitable companies in the world is a bit wasteful? Think of the nearly 3-4 trillion that has went into the war on terror. Also the billions that have gone into ethanol and other subsidies, i feel that NASA is far more helpful to humanity that the majority of government projects.