Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 41, number 3, September 2012 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site:
Hard copy was mailed to members on August 31.

• Lubomír Adamec: News in ecophysiological research on aquatic Utricularia traps
• Francis Q. Brearley & Muhammad Mansur: Nutrient stoichiometry of Nepenthes species from a Bornean peat swamp forest
• Nigel Hewitt-Cooper: Drosera regia Stephens
• Damon Collingsworth: A surprise in the gloaming: A field observation at Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Alabama
• Soumen Aditya: Drosera burmannii: A carnivorous plant species from eastern Ghats of India
• Guillaume Bily, Larry Logoteta, Steve Amoroso & Victor Holland: New cultivars: Dionaea muscipula ‘Blanche Hermine’, Sarracenia ‘Jeremy’, S. ‘Illuminated Hut’, S. ‘Pomegranate’, S. ‘Saxapahaw’.
• Jan Schlauer: Literature reviews: Is Drosera meristocaulis a pygmy sundew? Evidence of a long-distance dispersal between Western Australia and northern South America.
Late Cretaceous Palaeoaldrovanda, not seeds of a carnivorous plant, but eggs of an insect
• Marcel van den Broek: Book review: Australian Carnivorous Plants