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Thread: Ordering from international vendors

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    This is my claim to fame in the cp community. Five or so years ago, I tried to import some plants from a guy in Malaysia. It was some mature large red sanguinea and ramispina from "a local nursery."
    When you get a 587, you need to state which ports you want to try and use from their list. I did not, so did not get the stickers. I then called and the stickers were being mailed.
    I had already had the permit when I bought the plants-just not the stickers. While I was waiting for them, the seller got impatient and shipped them, marking them as "Children's Toys."
    They got discovered in Indianapolis(sniffed out by beagles, lol, which I have one), and destroyed. They also had some bugs they found.
    I got visted by the USDA(at work, no less), showed them my permit, explained what happened and they went on their merry way. No problem, right?
    I got a letter saying I was being fined for $2500 for smuggling.
    I called both agents to ask how this was possible. One thought I had a good case, the other thought I had no leg to stand on. Anyway, since I intiated the movement of the plants to the US, I was considered a smuggler(since the seller lied). I talked to my lawyer, and he said to research the case, etc, it would cost at least as much as $2500. I was going to defend myself, but as Aidan said, I discovered if the judge did not see things my way, he/she could raise the fine up to $10,000! So I paid the $2500.
    If the USDA would find the plant, I would guess(unless the vendor lies) that nothing this severe would happen, but that's just a guess.
    This person sells a lot on eBay. I would ask him to hold it and get the documentation.


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    NAN I do not plan on ordering from anyone until I have all of my permits in place.
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