I'm settling in where I live, finally after far too many moves.
My Ventricosa, Venetrata, and something or other(not ultra common, but I can't recall the specie) are growing like weeds without effort. If I mist them daily, they seem to pitcher well.
I just use tap water since it's 80-100 PPM or so.
I've rooted a few cuttings to give away to others, and for backups if I do something incredibly inept.
I have Binata and Indicia growing/flowering without effort, I have a dozen orchids that are doing well as well. That addiction is back again and CPs are usually affordable.
So my questions. With constant sun, nightly mists/dew, 120 inches of rain a year(at night usually), 75F average(70F to 85F) daily temps with a 68F (65F to 73F) drop at night can I grow.

I'd like to try D. Peltata, Heliamporphora, and a few other random things.
Also I've heard sarracenia will go dormant due to the shift in photoperiod between winter and summer. Is this true, I'm assuming if that's the case I should try southern varieties?