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Thread: Luxeon White LED sale

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    Luxeon White LED sale

    from an email I received yesterday:

    Hello Butch,

    Get 40% off any LED assembly that uses a Neutral White, 220 lumen Rebel LXML-PWN1-0120 LED, including:

    •CoolBase 20mm Stars
    •CoolBase 20mm Tri-Stars
    •CoolBase 10mm Squares
    •CoolBase 23mm Quads
    •CoolBase 40mm 7-Ups
    •CoolBase 25mm Rounds
    •CoolBase Side Emitters
    •CoolBase Star/Os

    •Saber Aluminium 20mm Stars
    •Saber Aluminium 20mm Tri-Stars
    •Saber Aluminium 10mm Squares

    To receive this discount, simply enter WN120 in the Coupon Code box during checkout on our website. Be sure to make it count -- this is a one-time use coupon code.

    This special discount will only be offered for as long as our current supply of Rebel LXML-PWN1-0120 LEDs holds out – so order now!

    Luxeon Star LEDs

    Coupon code appears to be a one time use code. I won't be using it at the time being so......

    First person that needs it can have it


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