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Thread: Reverse Osmosis

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    Reverse Osmosis

    Anyone familiar with how much I need to spend to get an adequate RO set-up? Will this do the job?
    Just post the requirements for a reasonably good system.

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    Wide open question....

    What do you expect from a system?
    Do you want RO water on demand?... if so you need a system with a holding tank (aka accumulator tank, captive air tank etc.)
    Do you want as low of TDS as possible?..... if so you need a DI stage
    What flow rate do you want?.... this will help determine recovery times
    Will your system also be used for personal consumption?
    Are brine rates (waste water) an important consideration to you?
    Is prefilter life an important consideration?
    Will the installation be permanent or do you need portability?

    etc etc etc....

    There are some very detailed and longggggggggggg threads already on the subject :-)

    Much depends on what you want out of the system, what is "reasonably good" is a very individualized decision.
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