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Thread: Intrumental music

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    I work on a bunch of instrumentals, but I am still learning.

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    Lindsey Stirling is fracking amazing.

    Oh, and I like this which is more instrumental that voice... You can't tell what it is saying without the lyrics so you should be good with this one...

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    I assume instrumental movie/TV/games scores also count?

    From Terminator 2:

    Fromm Hunt for Red October:

    From Starship Troopers:

    From How to Train Your Dragon:

    From Kung Fu Panda:

    From Kung Fu Panda 2:

    From Once Upon a Time in China:

    From Tears of the Sun:

    From Gladiator:

    From Pirates of Caribbean:

    From Crimson Tide:

    Adagio for Strings:

    From Gattaca:

    From Robin Hood Prince of Thieves:

    From Last of the Mohicans:

    From Dragonheart:

    From Star Trek First Contact:

    From Star Trek Insurrection:

    From Star Trek Wrath of Khan:

    From Star Trek Undiscovered Country:

    From Star Trek Next Generation:

    From Star Trek Deep Space Nine:

    From Star Trek Voyager:

    From Star Wars:

    From Redwall TV Series:

    From War Planets Shadow Raiders:

    From Xena:

    From Hercules the Legendary Journeys:

    From Sir Arthur Conan's Lost World:

    From Godzilla the Series:

    From MIB the Series:

    From X-Men Animated Series:

    From Batman Animated Series:

    From Superman Animated Series:

    From Resident Evil 2:

    From Killzone:

    From Starcraft 1:

    From Conquest Frontier Wars:

    From Homeworld:

    From Homeworld 2:

    From Game of Thrones:

    From Mulan:

    From Van Helsing:

    From The Mummy:

    From Stargate:

    From Stargate SG1:

    Stargate Atlantis:

    From Babylon 5:

    From Earth Final Conflict:

    From X-Files:

    From Schindler's List:

    From Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring:

    From Lion King:

    From Jurassic Park:

    From Dawn of War:

    From Guild Wars:

    From Mass Effect 2:

    From Transformers 1:

    From The Rock:

    From West Wing:

    From American Experience:

    From NOVA:

    From Shaolin Soccer:

    From Frank Herbert's Dune:

    From Children of Dune:
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    Quote Originally Posted by AshG2385 View Post

    Instrumental and...dubstep!
    just curious, what makes that dubstep?
    I ask, because I first heard about Dubstep about a year ago, so I looked it up, and it is hideously awful!
    pretty much the worst thing I have ever heard in my life:

    but that violin song is quite im not seeing what makes it dubstepish.
    what makes something dubstep?


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    Dubstep is a "band" (well, DJ name) and now it's own genre. So, with that, it really depends on what you listened to. Skrillex is a popular dubstep artist, though I don't like all of it.
    So what IS dubstep? Electronica based on heavy sub-bass sound, that's the best way I can describe it. What makes Crystallize dubstepish? The heavy bass and electronic music mixed in with the violin. They use wobble bass in it, giving it that "wub" sound.

    It does get catchy, even my little 18 month old daughter will occasionally walk around and say "wub wub wub" when we listen to it.
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    Scotty, it often depends on the dubstep. My mom was the same way when I first got into the genre, but she has since begun to enjoy some of the more chilled dubsteps that incorporate more classic instruments in the mash-up. I have recently begun to really enjoy a subset called "chillstep". That's not to say some people just wont like it, but try out these two songs.

    For the rest, my most recent channel to listen to (all 218 songs!)

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