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Thread: Looking at Sphagnum Wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post

    Yup, I'm assuming it for a couple of reasons, but they aren't strong arguments. I'll test the water next time (so a year from now at most)... There's tons of fish living in there and there's lots of aquatic plant life, so the fish must produce some nutrients, especially when they die -- since the lake isn't fished. Tons of lilies everywhere and those need nutrients to grow and flower yearly.

    I see where you are coming from, but you seem to be under another false assumption: That Sphagnum and CP's live in nutritionally sterile environments. Of course, it depends on the plants and the habitat we are talking about, and some CP's live in less nutrient rich environments than others, but generally speaking, CP's (and Sphagnum) live in nutrient deficient habitats, not habitats where nutrients are absent.

    As an example, one problem occurring in many U.S. carnivorous plant habitats is fire suppression, which allows larger trees and shrubs to overgrow the bogs. I have visited several of these sites for CP's in Virginia, and assisted in clearing the shrubs and trees that would otherwise overgrow the CP's and other bog plants. Obviously there are enough nutrients in the bog to support growth of trees and many other plants, but CP's grow there too. The lake habitat you describe and show in your video in no way strikes me as unsuitable for CP's or Sphagnum (except perhaps that it is too shaded for most CP's?). And remember, things work much differently in nature than they do in cultivation.

    Edit: Of course the fish produce nutrients, as well as many other biological processes occurring in the lake. This happens in every habitat from any number of sources. But "some" nutrients doesn't make the habitat unsuitable, and in proper levels these nutrients are even necessary.
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