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Thread: My "Other" Calendar Entries

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    My "Other" Calendar Entries

    Since this year's TF calendar contest only allows one entry I had a tough time choosing. Just so you all don't miss out on the other photos I was considering on entering here are my other entries. All these photos were taken in situ

    VFT Long Red Cilia, red banded outer by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    VFT Flowers Fully Open by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    S. rubra ssp. rubra Flower Carteret County 5 by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    S. flava var. ornata Clump 3 Onslow County by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    Spider on Flava Onslow County by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    Spider on Flava Onslow County 2 by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    Utricularia inflata, Columbus Co by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    U. purpurea Columbus County by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    S. x harperi by mcmcnair, on Flickr
    This S. x Harperi is the first plant ever found in NC of this particular cross

    P. pumila Massing by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    D. capillaris Onslow County by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    And this is the entry I went with

    S. x Catesbaei by mcmcnair, on Flickr

    Thanks for looking!
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    Some sweet pics! Gorgeous spider on that sarr. Overall, the vft trap was my favorite.
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    Second the fly trap photo, very nice.

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