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Thread: Schnell's CPs of US and Canada Update?

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    Schnell's CPs of US and Canada Update?

    Hey Everyone,

    I was looking at more recent CP books on Amazon and noticed that Donald Schnell and Stewart McPherson had authored I wondered if this was an update to Donald Schnell's 2002 book of a similar name:

    There aren't any reviews, but I thought I would ask.


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    Its not really an update. It is a relatively new field guide, although some of the taxonomy is incorrect in my opinion(specifically the S. purpurea complex). A good book, specifically for Utricularia and Pinguicula. The Sarracenia section is essentially a shortened version of the field guide to Sarracenia of the US & Canada, which by the way is also a good field guide. In summary a good book for the money.
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