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Thread: Insuring Your CP Collection

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    Insuring Your CP Collection

    Hey Everyone:

    After hearing about Dean ****** and Tony's losses this winter, I decided to contact my insurance agent (Allstate) and see if it was possible to cover my plants/if they were covered by my standard renter's policy if there was a power loss that resulted in the death of some of my collection. It turns out that neither they (nor any other United States company, to their knowledge) covers such a loss or allows for a rider to cover such a loss.

    I thought I'd share since I put those people through so much trouble to find out the answer for me (and gave them an early contender for weirdest question of the year).


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    I'm an liscensed agent for a major insurance company and you are correct. There is no such coverage, nor is there a loop hole that I have found yet. Anything living is usually excluded. Animals and plants are hard to place a value on.

    Business policies are different.

    Lloyd's of London is a company that insures the more exotic. Doubt they would bother with collections

    I'll check with my underwriters tomorrow. If there any update I will post here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatchGreyes View Post
    ...(and gave them an early contender for weirdest question of the year).
    Haha, may be.

    I find that even in Garden Centers I am met with quizzical looks when I ask for CP specific things. Last week it was all my calls to local Nurseries requesting Coir that "has been through at least three monsoon seasons."

    If I even got passed Coir they would usually respond with extended silence about my request for the three monsoon seasons. They just didn't understand that or why I wouldn't want plant food or some conditioners in my Coir. Or as they wanted to call it, Coconut bricks.
    Wife and I in the Netherlands. Sure miss living out there.

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