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Thread: Gibberelic Acid Advice

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    Gibberelic Acid Advice

    Hi guys! I recently got ahold of some lab-grade GA3 powder. It says it's 90%. I'd like to know how best to mix it up, and what to dissolve it in (water? alcohol?). I've read the "best" concentrations to shoot for are 500-1000ppm. Is this true?

    I'm going to try and use it on very old D. omissa seeds from 2009, Byblis, tuberous Drosera (later in the year), Sarracenia, Darlingtonia, and Drosophyllum. Maybe some non-carnivores. I'm excited to play with it.

    If anybody has experience with it, let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theplantman View Post
    I've read the "best" concentrations to shoot for are 500-1000ppm. Is this true?
    I would start with 250-400 ppm for carnivorous plant species -- the lower end for Nepenthes. Dissolve the GA3 in a small amount of ethanol -- denatured alcohol, vodka or everclear -- to dissolve the powder; produce a paste and dilute to desired concentration with distilled water. Soak the seed for twelve to twenty four hours before sowing . . .
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