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Thread: BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tje25 View Post
    Lookin good! I really like your S. x moorei
    Thanks, this is my first time seeing them in action since I received them last fall. I'm amazed at how wide the mouths of the traps are as well as the coloration.

    Quote Originally Posted by hcarlton View Post
    Interesting, I knew there was a "Florida Giant" filiformis, but not a Carolina version..... though I was aware of a "Carolina Giant" intermedia...
    I really like the first couple moorei, but always been a sucker for the big hybrids. Also, 'Pilliga Red' is a cultivar of burmannii, has been for some time, not just a locality.
    I had never heard of a Carolina Giant either, this is what their website says "This clone is very vigorous, although not quite so vigorous as the giant plants from Florida." I don't see a lot of other info on it though.

    Fixed the 'Pilliga Red' name, thanks hcarlton.

    My venus fly trap was looking quite cramped in its pot, I had wanted to divide it earlier in the year but didn't get around to it until this weekend. This was my first time dividing a VFT and I expected I would get maybe 4 plants out of it, I ended up getting 20.

    I had purchased one new pot dedicated to the VFTs, but it was simply not enough room.

    I put 6 in the pot the plant was in originally and put 4 of the larger divisions in my Sarracenia community pot.

    VFTs everywhere now!

    I also put the D. filiformis var. filiformis "Carolina Giant" and D. capensis 'Albino' in new pots.

    The S. flava var. cuprea is starting to color up nicely.

    Nice contrast between these two flowers.

    Speaking of contrast, the lid on the S. x moorei 08 is looking fantastic!

    S. leucophylla.

    Simply in love with the pink clone. Such amazing color!

    The whole collection.

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