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Thread: Is this mold/fungus or is it spider webs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ps3isawesome View Post
    i shall submerge it right away. 2 to 3 days should do?
    Where's the rush? Flood it and you can let it dry down on its own, however long that takes. The longer it's flooded, the more likely you are to get everything. No sense/need to dump perfectly good water in the meantime, and you probably don't want to use the effluent to water your other plans.

    Addition: Note that when I say "flood," I don't mean that the entire plant needs to be submerged. If you can see water sitting above the soil line, that'll do most of your job for you. If the water line is below where the mites seem to be and you can't raise the water level, just spray some water on the affected areas to try to knock everything down.
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    Thanks for the clarification, i was thinking how should i submerge this plant. LOL. and i won't use the water to water other plants :P.

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