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Did something similar at several auctions. I wound up winning several of my own donations trying to get the price up where it should have been to garner more money for the societies coffers. Knowing that if I wanted the plant that I would keep bidding til I got it everyone else stopped bidding, and I was stuck with my own plant. In the end I was usually able to sell the plants to the next highest bidder for their bid amount (or give them to them) after the end of the auction so it wasn't a total loss.
I agree and I have done the same thing with a twist. Very often my daughter-in-law will give me plants from her collection to either keep or donate as I desire. I will donate them and then bid on them as you do, occasionally winning and taking them back home. Makes it more fun then keeping the plants and just donating cash.
But the lady in question said she had not bought the plant on purpose or tried to bid it up. She had simply forgotten that it was one she had donated.