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Thread: FQSVF GE SmartWater Undersink Filter Set

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    FQSVF GE SmartWater Undersink Filter Set

    We just moved and we inherited an under the sing water filter unit. This is the description I found online:

    "The FQSVF GE Smart Water filter is a dual-stage under-sink water filter filter, with GE's slender "twist & lock" design. The GE FQSVF reduces harmful conaminants in your home's drinking water, including Lead, Asbestos, Cysts, and the nasty taste of Chlorine."

    Is this water safe for using on CP's? My guess is that it isn't 'clean' enough, but I have no experience with it. Does anybody use it for their plants?

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    A dual stage is just a particulate filter followed by activated carbon. It will have little to no effect on tds.
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