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Thread: Are you getting redirected off of TF?

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    Glad to be of some small assistance! Thanks for working to address the issue, I'll turn off my Adblock and report back if anything crops up.

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    It looks as though google may have finally fixed this issue.
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    I get this redirect once in a while. I think it is actually photobucket that is the culprit. If I click on a link the the chatbox to an image in photobucket when I navigate back to terraforums I get a popup ad for free lotto casino.

    Although the browser address bar still says it is on photobucket information about the popup shows the urls below:

    Are you getting redirected off of TF?-spampb-jpg
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    They usually target you with cookies as well. Might try an clear your browsers history and make sure it removes all the stored cookies.


    Advertising keeps Google and many of the websites and services you use free of charge. We work hard to make sure that ads are safe, unobtrusive and as relevant as possible. For example, you won’t see pop-up ads on Google and we terminate the accounts of hundreds of thousands of publishers and advertisers that violate our policies each year – including ads containing malware, ads for counterfeit goods or those that attempt to misuse your personal information.

    How Google uses cookies in advertising

    Cookies help to make advertising more effective. Without cookies, it’s harder for an advertiser to reach its audience, or to know how many ads were shown and how many clicks they received.

    Many websites, such as news sites and blogs, partner with Google to show ads to their visitors. Working with our partners, we may use cookies for a number of purposes, such as to stop you from seeing the same ad over and over again, to detect and stop click fraud, and to show ads that are likely to be more relevant (such as ads based on websites you have visited).

    We store a record of the ads we serve in our logs. These server logs typically include your web request, IP address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser. We store this data for a number of reasons, the most important of which are to improve our services and to maintain the security of our systems. We anonymize this log data by removing part of the IP address (after 9 months) and cookie information (after 18 months).

    Our advertising cookies

    To help our partners manage their advertising and websites, we offer many products, including AdSense, AdWords, Google Analytics, and a range of DoubleClick-branded services. When you visit a page that uses one of these products, either on one of Google’s sites or one of our partners’, various cookies may be sent to your browser.

    These may be set from a few different domains, including,,,,, or Some of our advertising products enable our partners to use other services in conjunction with ours (like an ad measurement and reporting service) and these services may send their own cookies to your browser. These cookies will be set from their domains.

    See more detail about the types of cookie used by Google and our partners, and how we use them.

    How you can control advertising cookies

    You can use Ads Settings to manage the Google ads you see and opt out of interest-based ads. Even if you opt out of interest-based ads, you may still see ads based on factors such as your general location derived from your IP address, your browser type and recent, previous searches related to your current search.

    You can also manage many companies’ cookies used for online advertising at the US-based choices page or the EU-based Your Online Choices.

    Finally, you can manage cookies in your web browser.
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