Figured I might as well put up a photo thread of my humble collection since I'm taking pictures anyway for records.

Let's start with N. rafflesiana x ampullaria.

The supplier said that despite its heritage it was growing well with the other highlanders. I don't doubt them given the altitude range and "hybrid vigour" but it still definitely prefers warmer conditions, there was a noticeable difference in its growth rate when summer hit. Here's how the rear-left pitcher has progressed over the last three weeks or so.




Will open up in the next week or two if past progress is any indicator.

A "Black Knight" (from my research that's ventricosa x ramispina?):

A ventricosa x burkei. This one's a bit of an embarrassment but it's the first Nep I ever got, and the fact that it's still alive is a testament to how hardy it is. My growing conditions were pretty appalling when I started. It's been slowly getting better though.

Robcantleyi x hamata. I may have splurged a bit for Christmas, and it caused me a bit of worry since I was concerned about possible root damage (if you run through my thread history you can find out more). It seems to have been doing well though, and I aim to keep taking pictures every week. High hopes for this one, given what I've seen from the pictures of others.






Bonus picture, a juvenile glabrata pitcher. I strongly suspect that having the end of the tendril in sphagnum (dead or alive) is what's causing it to pitcher. I have high hopes for this one too.

My interest is mainly Nepenthes at the moment (have more, but no pictures of them), but there's still a shelf with various other plants. Here's a tray of various Sarracenia hybrids after I repotted and divided them last year:

Also have a large pot full of Drosera seedlings but there's not really anything interesting to show since they're all still pretty small.