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Thread: What kind of plant pot do you use ?

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    What kind of plant pot do you use ?

    Recently I've been looking through some photo of people's carnivorous plants and wondered the following: would a mesh pond basket be better for nepenthes than a regular one because of the air circulation ?

    In my terrarium, I used the regular square pots that the plants came in and they do just fine but I wonder if the plants would do better in a mesh one instead. I also bought cheap plastic basket shelf that has the same design as mesh pond basket and wonder if I could use that for a plant pot because I heard somewhere that some plastic can contain chemical that leech into the soil ?

    - Types of plant pots you use for your carnivorous plant. What do you find working better ?
    - Other creative way you house your plant.

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    If you can keep the moisture right mesh pots are better IMO. Keep in mind they will dry out much quicker.

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