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Thread: Good Friends Are A Beautiful Thing!

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    Good Friends Are A Beautiful Thing!

    Just got a little care package from a friend and fellow member of both this forum and the orchid forum I frequent. Thanks again Dave S! First pic is Gongora rufescens, my favorite in the genus (at least in terms of looks), Second is two different cultivars of Neofinetia (now apparently Vanda) falcata, Suminagashi on the left and Suikaden on the right:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Good Friends Are A Beautiful Thing!-1430351410007991455689-jpg   Good Friends Are A Beautiful Thing!-1430351587174739518921-jpg  

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    beautiful plants, yes I adore orchids even when not in bloom. Love the neos. I only have the more common variety.
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    Nice! I always loved miniature orchid species, neofinetia was one of my favorites! All the different varieties are amazing and in some cases incredibly expensive!
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