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Thread: WOT, Bundeswehr Hurricane lantern

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    Cool WOT, Bundeswehr Hurricane lantern

    I have a few old kerosene hurricane lanterns... mostly German Feuerhand's, a Petromax and one brass Dietz (Chinese made)

    I enjoy the light from them when camping out in the woods or in case of power failure.

    Scored this one recently:

    more pics

    The red globe is the older mfg Jena glass while the clear and yellow are Suprax marked glass.
    I do have NOS yellow Jena I could swap out with the Suprax but meh

    This one will likely not get used LOL

    there is currently one on ebay, almost exactly the same but the box is not stenciled and the lantern is a slightly different variant
    (good father's day gift)

    more info

    would love to find an old Feuerhand hot blast in good shape

    thanks for looking,
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