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Thread: Bid Shilling

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    Pearldiver if they catch you bidding on your own stuff (usually with a second account run on a second PC) you'll be booted from the system. I do have two accounts in order to sell different kinds of items but I do not bid or buy my own items from one account to the other. It wouldn't benefit me much since the bulk of my listings are buy it now listings.

    The way I police my accounts is if a buyer retracts a bid, decides they don't wanna pay the shipping or become a pain in the butt in some other way I block them. To save myself the hassle I block them from both of my accounts incase they should happen upon listings from my other account.

    My biggest pet peeve about eBay buyers is them not paying attention to the notice that certain items are not available to ship outside the USA. Somehow even if there is no shipping outside the USA selected they are able to bid or buy the item and then they beg and whine pleading with me to ship and not cancel their purchase and give them a refund. I wish they would not be able to bid or buy the item but eBay still allows them to.
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