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Thread: Progress Update for Andrew's Nepenthes Seed Giveaway Last Year

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    Progress Update for Andrew's Nepenthes Seed Giveaway Last Year

    Figured I'd post this in General, rather than the Nepenthes sub-forum since the giveaway was aimed at amateur growers who had few to no Nepenthes at the time of the giveaway, and who may or may not watch the Nepenthes forums with any regularity. I'd like as many of them to chime in as possible.

    Last summer, the owner of these forums and made a generous giveaway of the seeds from his first attempt at breeding Nepenthes.

    The resulting seed was N. ventricosa x maxima.

    Out of the seed I received, I had two sprouts, and after 9 months, this is their progress:

    The plants pictured were recently transplanted into 2" pots. The live sphag is only a top-dressing, but the root structure is almost non-existant, so they're essentially rooted in it. Below that is loosely crumbled NZ sphag. The plants are about 1.5-1.75" diameter.

    Just curious to see how other's progressed, and what the germination rates were like, as well as for me personally to show some appreciation to Andrew for his generosity and allow him to see the fruits of his labors.


    Diameter was guesstimated including pitchers. Leaf diameter is probably closer to 1"
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