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Thread: Mmmhmm (EBay)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trout View Post
    I tried writing something, but it became too long and unfocused and I lost my train of thought halfway through.

    I just want to say, Kat, that I understand the points you're putting forth, but what I'm trying to get through is that in interpersonal trades or sales (no corporation or official store involved) It is the prerogative of the seller to sell, or not sell, to someone based on their judgement of the person. This principle can be seen in the parent who gets a child a cheap pet, like a goldfish, to see if they have the commitment to take care of it, before actually spending 40-500 bucks on getting a puppy.
    We can help the hobby grow by educating those around us, and gifting, trading, or selling plants to those who we have learned to trust, and who we can help along the way if they get stuck.

    I believe it is wise to err on the side of caution, but as you said, it's impossible to do that when working with a site like Ebay.

    And as i understand what you are talking about trout..their is no way of knowing this buyer has worked their way up to growing the plants their bidding on and their is no way of knowing they haven't.. Ebay does a good job of blocking out bidders to have no way to see who the actual person is let alone any personal information about said bidders to even question their ability of growing and caring for the plants they choose to bid on or buy. I think I've explained this point more then i have to and more then i really care too lol! And the more i talk the more i see myself circling back into things ive already over explained..Haha! SoOo end of story if u cant roll with the punches on Ebay ...get a helmet or get knocked out!

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    I've cleaned this thread up a bit with a weed eater rather than a scalpel so I apologize for the removal of any content that belonged in the thread... I've not exactly read through it all, just picked up where it seemed to get off track, so lets please play by the rules/stay on topic and all of that.
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