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Thread: Dog-Walking Through the New River State Park

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    Dog-Walking Through the New River State Park

    So, earlier today (much earlier), I finally decided to head down to the local entry-point of the sprawling State Park. With me I took; a bottle of water, sandwich bags, tupperware, $4 cash, my camera, and my dog.

    As for the photos, I'll let them speak for themselves, but I'll trade three for three. I'm posting three photos here that aren't in my blog, and three photos there (good ones) that I won't put here. Please feel free to view them @ A Walk In the Park

    On to the pics:

    This stone wall was nearly at a perfect 90-degree angle:

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    Neat! I've also been enjoying the onset of fall colors. And I always feel special finding little pockets of liverworts because they're easy to overlook for most folks.

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