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Thread: Sensors and Automation

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    Sensors and Automation

    I've been working more and more with soil and atmospheric sensors for my job. It's gotten me thinking more about using (cheaper!) sensors and loggers for cultivation or other fun projects. Anyone here using any sensors or controls for their grow spaces? Had any particularly good or bad experiences? Anything you've always wanted to try? Help me think of a project!

    Picture related, one of my biggest sensor arrays in a nearby weatlands:
    -9 soil oxygen probes
    -9 soil moisture and electrical conductivity probes
    -9 temp probes
    -30 platinum-tip redox probes
    -1 rain gauge (just added!)
    -1 atmospheric pressure gauge
    -Solar panel and battery for 24/7 power.
    All sitting on a 10' pole complete with guy-wires. Since this site is a few hours away, I'm hoping to have a modem hooked up soon for remote access so I don't need to trudge out there when it's flooded or frozen.
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    Nothing as complex as you, but my greenhouse uses a DHT22 temp/humidity sensor and a photodiode to control my misters and fans, uC is an Arduino with an LCD so I can read the current and max/min temps and humidity. All run off a 12V solar panel + MPPT module, with a SLA for nights and cloudy days. Not fancy at all but it gets the job done.

    Tempted to put some soil moisture probes in to automate the watering as well, but I'll need to expand the uC for more I/O lines to do so. Remote access sounds good too, maybe just a WiFi module or something.

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