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Thread: Finding a place to live with carnivorous plants

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    Finding a place to live with carnivorous plants

    Graduated from college a few months ago, found a job, and is ready to move out.

    Here's my indoor and out door set.

    Now the question is how much do I sell and bring with me.

    Anyone with similar experiences with finding a place to live with roommates that would accommodate an outdoor and indoor collection?

    I want to move out of my parent's house within the next 2-5 months which means I"m not in a hurry. But I'd rather not wait until the last minute to sell off things I can't take with me.

    My collection is pretty important to me which is why I am looking for townhouses or houses for the outdoor collection.

    I live in the silicon valley and rent's pretty expensive. So I will inevitably have to make some sacrifices since I don't want to pay anymore than $1500 a month for rent. Any suggestions on what to sell off if it comes to that?

    But I don't know, any suggestions?
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    I'm assuming your job is near-ish to your current location? In the Bay Area it's gonna be a little tricky. (I'm assuming you aren't a software engineer or data magician hired by one of the big tech firms.) The indoor plants shouldn't be a problem as you can fit those in a room anywhere. Outdoor stuff will be a little tougher, notably the Sarracenia. All the rest of those I've grown in a sunny window without issue (including the Drosophyllum). While prices aren't on your side, at least the climate is.

    Your best bet for having sufficient outdoor space is getting a room in a home. That's typically also a pretty cheap way of going about things as well. is my go-to when looking for a place.

    Good luck!
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    I live in an apartment with a balcony. I always pick the place based on if I can have my plants grow there successfully (e.g. windows for indoor ones, balcony for outdoor) without getting stolen or destroyed by wildlife. I don't know if they have balconies there. I definitely need to pick small-ish Sarras and keep the Neps in pots too small for their size. This year or early next I think I'm gonna chop back a bunch of vines for space and amount of water concerns.

    +1 to padmapper.

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