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Thread: CP Photo contest for an NECPS and Tower Hill Advertising Campaign

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    CP Photo contest for an NECPS and Tower Hill Advertising Campaign

    The NECPS and Tower Hill Botanic Garden are jointly planning to promote our 13th Annual Carnivorous Plant Show on September 10 & 11 next year. We are searching for a high resolution cp image that will be used for our huge posters, plentiful post cards and other media promoting the show.

    We are looking for a stunning cp image to catch the attention of people and make them curious about our plants. We may plan to overlay horizontal text on up to 1/3 of negative space on the image, so please keep this in mind for our judging criteria. The layout has not been determined, but I have attached a photo of last year's poster for reference.

    There is no restriction on cp plant genus. We want this to be fun.

    You must own the copyright of the final image for us to use free of charge.
    You may enter up to 3 hi-res (at least 300dpi) photos.
    All entries to be posted online (reduced size) in the forum or sent to Alex of Tower Hill at the following e-mail alexandramoore07[at sign] in hi-res by Sunday, November 29th. The winner will be notified during the second week of December by PM and posting to this thread.

    Winner: The winner will have the bragging rights, honor and pride that their image was used to become part of NECPS history as well as some NECPS promotional swag yet to be determined.

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    Here ya go:

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