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Thread: An Isle Ate Her's Pics n Stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ngantnier View Post
    I'm unsure of the form. I got the seeds from the ICPS seed bank and they were just labeled D.binata. I'm amazed at how well they are doing for you, great job! I think I sent you a D.capensis,D.spathulata,D.binata, VFT seedlings, a sarr or 2, U.praelonga and a Nep cutting? Are the VFTs and Sarrs pictured the one's you got from me? Either way they look amazing, so richly colored. I'm unsure if they are pure purpurea though, they grew from mixed open pollinated seeds from Dean Cook. So they could be a complex hybrid heavy on the purpurea.
    Yes, the sarracenia and vtfs are the ones you sent. D. binata and D. spathulata as you can see are doing well, I divided the spathulata a week or two before this. D. capensis I probably gave away, I wish I would have labeled it, since I now recall this was a slim form, as opposed to my typical form. Nepenthes cutting didn't make it. It dried out upon transfer from rooting to planting. In retrospect I should have used a bag for humidity. It wasn't quite as hardy as my x ventrata, which I don't use a humidity bag for. One ping species didn't make it. The U. longifolia you sent is recovering nicely. I had it in too high light and it fried, but it likes it's new home now. You also sent some genlisea which is not doing much. I think it needs less light like U. longifolia
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