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Thread: LACPS meet!

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    Thank you for posting the pics, I had such a good time when I attended a couple years ago. I am planning to be down that way again this summer and hope to time it so I can attend another.

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    Thanks guys

    The red brom: no idea. I just liked its colour and didn't notice anything else, but that looks more like a flower petal to me.

    David: I know, I continue to disappoint

    Ed does a spectacular job with the plants, and his Ping & random cool animal things (did y'alls notice the snake skin?) corner is awesome.

    The emu eggs: not sure, but it's currently sitting in my fridgy so it's def. no gonna be turning into a scary dino-bird. I didn't know a bird's egg could be such a wonderful colour until I showed up at this meet.

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    The emu eggs are not fertilized. Nathan said the boy and girl emus don't get along

    Some pictures, mostly Sarracenia flava, one of S. 'Judith Hindle', one S. 'Tarnok' flower

    Grand Hotel... always the same. People come, people go. Nothing ever happens.

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