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Thread: Lfs smells like soil

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    Lfs smells like soil

    Hi all,

    I have a N. x hookeriana growing in a pot of carnivorous mix bought from California Carnivores about six months ago. The mix was made up of lfs, perlite, and I think a small amount of lava rock and bark. Lately I've noticed the pot smells somewhat of like a fresh potting mix - that sort of soil-like dirt peat smell when it comes straight out of the bag. The plant seems to be growing fine - it's outdoors and just waking up from the winter slump - but none of my other plants mix smells at all. Is this a concern? It looks the same as always.


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    I wouldn't worry about it unless it smells sour, sulfuric, or otherwise "off". I wouldn't consider an earthy or slightly musty smell cause for concern. It may just be a bit of decay from the bark. If you're concerned that it's some sort of mildew or fungus, there's no better way to check than to lift it out of the pot and see for yourself.

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    I generally find the smells of soil vs fungus very distinctive. It wouldn't hurt to check but I'm sure it's fine if the plant isn't showing any signs of stress.

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    I've found that lfs has its own distinct smell. Perhaps that is what you're smelling.
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