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Thread: Hail storm damage!

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    Hail storm damage!

    We had a huge hail and thunderstorm roll through last night with some pretty good-sized hail. Thankfully I got the vulnerable pots (freshly potted stuff) under cover before it hit, but the bog I can't exactly move out of the way, haha. Fortunately not that many sarrs have open pitchers yet, but this large pitcher was one of the first to open and got slammed by the hail. I cringe to think of the devastation if all the sarrs were further along in growth with open pitchers. Amazingly, the open sarr flowers were left unscathed.

    [IMG]Hail storm damage by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG]
    [IMG]Hail damage by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG]

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    That was a genuine close one. Thankfully your sarrs made it.
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    I feel your pain Djoni. The first year I lived in this house, before I even found Terraforums, I got slammed with a May hailstorm. It absolutely -leveled- my plants, destroying everything above the soil-line. Happened overnight, and I wasn't in the habit of checking the weather regularly, so I had no warning. It actually killed 3 out of 5 plants I had at the time, and my dog took care of the rest, left unsupervised on the deck while I was out getting groceries, haha.

    Had the same thing happen last year, except I noticed when it was starting, and was able to rush outside and bring everything in to protect them.

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    Wow we certainly didn't have any hail on this side of town. I'm impressed you have large pitchers like that open this early - all I have open so far is 'Judith Hindle', "Daina's Delight", and "Yellow Jacket". There are some flava, oreophila, and hybrids not far behind though.

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    There's always at least one decent hailstorm here every year; sometimes I get away with only a couple broken pitchers, other times I have to somehow move everything under the eaves or they will get shredded to the ground....but that's what I get for living on the west edge of Tornado Alley.
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