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Thread: Was given some "Feed Me! Mist"

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    Was given some "Feed Me! Mist"

    Hey CP'ers, I was given a bottle of "Feed Me! Mist" orchid food spray by an orchid growing friend. She knows I don't grow orchids but knows I've used orchid ferts in the past so she prompted me to give it a try. Has anyone else tried this on their Neps? I looked it up and I'm getting the impression its just a weak fertilizer solution for foliar feeding. It recommends using it along side the probiotic "quantum orchid" has anyone tried using that probiotic as well?

    I'll likely just keep doing my usual regimen of maxsea and coffee, but thought I'd ask if anyone has experience with it.


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    FEED ME! MIST - Orchid Food Spray

    I use their FEED ME! MSU orchid fertilizer for RO/Rain/Tap water for my terrestrial orchids. It is urea free and has added calcium and magnesium. Not sure if the mist is any better than maxsea for neps. I personally find Repotme to be expensive for shipping but they are the only supplier of the MSU formulas these days. So when I see her at a show, I stock up.
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