Was just winding down for the day and did my "pocket dump" where I place all my EDC items on my smile side table and was wondering if anyone else in the TF is also an EDC'er? For thats not familiar EDC is "every day carry" and refers to the items you carry on your person on a daily basis. Its also somewhat of a philosophy of always being prepared in some way.

So my EDC consists of the following;

• Fusion 2 XL wallet
• Quiet carry Mini Q with bottle opener blade
• Lacie flash drive installed in the Mini Q
• Field Notes California Edition
• HMM Rule/One pen
• Victorinox SAK The Craftsman
• Rearward Duct Tape Fob
• 6th gen iPod nano in a Lunatic watch case
• Vintage Automatic Ovis Field Watch
• Epic ID USB medical alert bracelet

I didn't include my phone because its just a boring old iPhone 4s (I know I'm stuck in 2011).

Here are two pics

I do plan on adding a dedicated folding knife and a flash light but haven't found one I'm 100% on yet. Though I'm learning toward an Olight S1 titanium in the bead blast finish, and a CR Sebenza.

So whats your EDC? pics if you can.