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Thread: Getting started

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    I am really interested in starting my own collection of these types of plants, but when I was reading over the care information I became a little confused on some of it... Hopefully someone out there can help me. I just want to know the best information anyone has to keep there plant from dying. I am looking for information mostly on...

    Watering, Light, Tempatures, and Soil....

    For example: When you recieve your plant, the peat moss that comes in the pot with the plants... Do you recommened leaving in that pot and that moss. Or do you take it out of that pot into a new one with the same moss, or when/if you have to replace the soil do you transfer the moss and the plant or just the plant into new soil?

    Do you recommed leaving the top on until it gets bigger?

    How much artificial sunlight should it have and do you keep the top on or off while in the light?

    Do you have to place the plant in some type of "dormancy" during the winter if it's inside with heat and light?


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    Hi Jenny

    Welcome to the forums and what may be a new addiction.

    I am going to move this to the General Discussion forum. This forum is for issues regarding Exotic Gardens as a company. There are various forums for the care of different genus of CP.

    As far as the plants care, we need to know which plants you are talking about as the different species require different care.

    Let us know what you are getting or thinking of getting and we can help you out.

    I think you'll really enjoy them.

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    Sarracenia (pitcher plants) and venus flytraps need dormancy. I don't know exactly for the sundews, as some do and some don't. The one butterwort you can buy off pft is said to die after dormancy, so don't put that one into it. Nepenthes do not need dormancy at all. Transplant the plants when they seem too big, the soil they are shipped in is fine. When transplanting, use perlite and sphagnum peat moss. Distilled or rain water would basically be best. As for the cover, I would say its okay to leave on if you don't overwater the plant, as this may cause fungus. Artificial light should be bright flourescent for about, um... 10 or so hours on the plant. Read about each specific plant for indivual care. Have fun!

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