From the CP listserv...

The Nature Conservancy of Alabama has some very exciting news, and
is soliciting help from the members of the ICPS. TNC-Alabama has
the opportunity to purchase a 163 acre tract of land. Located on
this property are two separate plant populations of Sarracenia
alabamensis, as well as a large area of suitable habitat for further
expansion of the species.

TNC-Alabama has kicked off a drive to raise the $200,000 needed for
the purchase of this land. Quite a bit of excitement comes about
because this site appears to be a prime location for this plant, and
should be easily managed.

If you have any further questions you may email me privately at, or Keith Tassin at TNC-Alabama at You can also reach TNC-Alabama by phone at


Thanks to everyone who has responded so far to the fundraising
drive. I should have given out the address as to where to mail your
donation checks. Send them to:

The Nature Conservancy of Alabama 2821-C 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233

On the check, put "S. alabamensis aquisition" in the comment
section. This will ensure that your donation is earmarked for this
particular fundraising drive.

Thanks, Michael Catalani