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Thread: Dormancy early?

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    Ok, I ordered some pleants in the spring, and because i moved around so much, they never really started growing until now. My question is, since the plants were practically dormant for about 3 months, can I skip the winter dormancy this year, with good results? By the way, my S. alata black is making a 20" pitcher and still growing ! Darn, I'm just going to take pics with a regular camera, have the pics developed, scan them, and post them. I cant wait for a digi camera any longer.

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    i dont think so. the plants are "moved around", but did they get a "true" dormancy? if they did, it may be good to let them live till spring next year and give them the dormancy the same time you did this year. of course, you need grow lights and heat. if they did not get a true dormancy, you should start there dormancy (shorter photoperiod, colder temps). 3 months isnt a lot of dormancy time, its the average (exept for purps). i would advise you get them started for dormancy, for you can leave them outside in spring and save money on lighting. Zongyi
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