Well, I am VERY happy to announce my new greenhouse is FINALLY on it's way. We got the basic frame up now and it will be 21 ft long by 15-18 foot wide (it varys in some areas) I'll get a picture of it ASA my dig. camera is reinstalled on the computer. Almost done restarting from scratch! And I have lots of new growth on some of my CP's as well, S.Flava and Leuco are looking better with at least 1-2 open pitchers but they aren't big at all as the shock they both have been through. I am also now a true bee hater now, last nihgt I went out to spray my S.purp spp. purp with water and a hornet no larger than a half to a 1/4 of an inch was boring it's way right into 1 of the flower stalks! I was so worried as he was eating his way to the bottom of it and I was afriad if he got into the crown he'd chew through that too soo painfully I clipped of the stalk and tried to smash the little bugger but he flew off, anyone else ever had this happen????? And my Rajah made a larger leave with a MUCH larger pitche,this one may be near or over an inch tall, it's getting there! Truncata has adapted to life on my windowsill with the help of a humidifier and doing nicely. All other CP's appear fine and well. I'll post the pictures of the G-house here when I get them. Later all.