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Thread: 125 gallon pacu tank.

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    your post somehow got locked! I cant reply to it..strange.

    The best way to quickly "seed" a new tank with bacteria is to simply move over some of the media from the old filter..

    if you are simply moving the 2 fish from the old tank to the new tank, and not putting anything new in the old tank, then simply move the filter over! problem solved instantly..

    but, if like most people, you are still keeping the old tank in use for other fish, you need to split up the media..
    what kind of filter is on the current tank?? is the media something you can cut in half? like floss or the like?

    this is what I would do..set up the new 125 gal, fill it up, but with no fish..(wait 24 hours for chlorine to dispell from the new water) put HALF the gravel in the new tank, then take the other half from the old tank, the one still contaning the fish..this old gravel will be VERY well seeded with bacteria, that will pretty much take care of everything there..then take some old media from the old filter and add it to the new filter..
    basically you are taking half of the bacteria from the old tank and adding it to the new tank, half the filter media and half the gravel..this will still leave enough in the old tank for the fish, (the bacteria will rebound to 100% in days) and will have enough to start the new bacteria colony in the new tank..the fish could be safely moved over right then! instant cycling!

    if you want to be sure there is enough, add some ammonia and test to see that it all gets "eaten" in one day!
    I will post some links on fishless cycling below..

    as for other fish to add with 2 pacus?? my answer would be NONE!
    2 pacus are more than enough for a 125..I would consider it full! actually only one pacu is more than enough, 2 is pushing it IMO..

    here is some info on a great idea called "fishless cycling" gets the bacteria colony all set up and ready for a full tank of fish WITHOUT submitting any actual living fish to high ammonia levels! its a great idea...

    if you want to find more, just type in "fishless cycling" into google, you will gets tons of links!

    here is my personal experience setting up my discus took that tank 5 weeks to get fully cycled! but thats because I didnt really seed it..if you take tons of bacteria from the old tank, you could easily do it in 2 weeks, maybe even instantly!!
    one thing though..if you move over your bacteria but DONT move the fish for 2 weeks, you will need to feed the bacteria or they will die! they eat pure ammonia..

    oh yeah, dont even bother with that "starter bacteria in a bottle" stuff..its crap, worthless..and you dont even need it! your first tank is a goldmine of bacteria! all you will ever need right there..


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    your old one was moved to the fish forum.. as is this one
    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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