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Thread: Atrticle on zero point

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    Hi All

    This Article was emailed to me from a friend. I thought you would be interested. Man!!! I had a typo on the post name!!! O well


    Gregg Braden is currently traveling around the United States and in the media,
    telling of the scientific proof of the Earth passing through the Photon Belt and
    the slowing of the Earths rotation. At the same time there is an increase in the
    resonant frequency of the Earth (Schumann Resonance). When the Earth stops its
    rotation and the resonance frequency reaches 13 cycles we will be at a zero
    point magnetic field. The Earth will be stopped, and in 2 or 3 days it will
    start turning again in the opposite direction. This will produce a reversal in
    the magnetic fields around the earth and so forth.

    Geophysical Condition #1: Earth's Rising Base Frequency

    Earth's background base frequency, or "heartbeat," (called Schumann resonance,
    or SR) is rising dramatically. Though it varies among geographical regions, for
    decades the overall measurement was 7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought
    to be a constant; global military communications developed on this frequency.
    Recent reports set the rate at over 11 cycles, and climbing. Science doesn't
    know why, or what to make of it. Gregg Braden found data collected by Norwegian
    and Russian researchers on this; it's not widely reported in the U.S. (The only
    reference to SR to be found in the Seattle Library reference section, is tied to
    the weather. Science acknowledges SR as a sensitive indicator of temperature
    variations and worldwide weather conditions. Braden believes the fluctuating SR
    may be a factor in the severe storms, floods, and weather of recent years.)

    Geophysical Condition #2: Earth's Diminishing Magnetic Field

    While earth's "pulse" rate is rising, her magnetic field strength, on the other
    hand, is declining. According to Professor Bannerjee of the University of New
    Mexico, the field has lost up to half its intensity in the last 4,000 years. And
    because a forerunner of magnetic polar reversals is this field strength, Prof.
    Bannerjee believes that another reversal is due. Braden believes that because
    these cyclical Shifts are associated with reversals, Earth's geological record
    indicating magnetic reversals also marks previous Shifts in history. And, within
    the enormous time scale represented, there were quite a few of them.

    What is a Schumann Resonance?

    Believe it or not, the Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit. The
    atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge,
    its existing electric charge would diffuse away in about 10 minutes. There is a
    'cavity 'defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the
    ionosphere 55 kilometers up. At any moment, the total charge residing in this
    cavity is 500,000 Coulombs. There is a vertical current flow between the ground
    and the ionosphere of 1 - 3 x 10^-12 Amperes per square meter. The resistance of
    the atmosphere is 200 Ohms. The voltage potential is 200,000 Volts. There are
    about 1000 lightning storms at any given moment worldwide. Each produces 0.5 to
    1 Ampere and these collectively account for the measured current flow in the
    Earth's 'electromagnetic' cavity.

    The Schumann Resonances are quasi standing wave electromagnetic waves that exist
    in this cavity. Like waves on a spring, they are not present all the time, but
    have to be 'excited' to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to
    the Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity
    in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity. They
    occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically
    7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5
    Hertz. So long as the properties of Earth's electromagnetic cavity remains about
    the same, these frequencies remain the same. Presumably there is some change due
    to the solar sunspot cycle as the Earth's ionosphere changes in response to the
    11-year cycle of solar activity. Schumann resonances are most easily seen
    between 2000 and 2200 UT.

    Given that the earth's atmosphere carries a charge, a current and a voltage, it
    is not surprising to find such electromagnetic waves. The resonant properties of
    this terrestrial cavity were first predicted by the German physicist W. O.
    Schumann between 1952 and 1957, and first detected by Schumann and Konig in
    1954. The first spectral representation of this phenomenon was prepared by
    Balser and Wagner in 1960. Much of the research in the last 20 years has been
    conducted by the Department of the Navy who investigate Extremely Low Frequency
    communication with submarines.

    For more information, see: "Handbook of Atmospheric Electrodynamics, vol. I", by
    Hans Volland, 1995 published by the CRC Press. Chapter 11 is entirely on
    Schumann Resonances and is written by Davis Campbell at the Geophysical
    Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks AK, 99775. There is also a history of
    this research and an extensive bibliography.


    1. Time will appear to speed up as we approach Zero Point. A 24 hour day will
    seem to about 16 hours or less. Remember the Schumann Resonance (or "heart beat"
    of Mother Earth) has been 7.8 cycles for thousands of years, but has been rising
    since 1980. It is at about 12 cycles at present. It stops at 13 cycles.

    2. Zero Point or the Shift of the Ages has been predicted by ancient peoples for
    thousands of years. There have been many shifts including the one that always
    occurs every 13,000 years at each half of the 26,000 year, Procession of the

    3. Zero Point or a flip of the magnetic poles will probably happen soon, within
    the next few years. It could possibly synchronize with the Earth's four cycle
    biorhythm that occurs every 20 years on the 12th of August. The next occurrence
    is 12th August 2003. The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project (secret
    military time traveling) both locked up to the 12th August/20 year biorhythm.

    4. It is said that after Zero Point the Sun will rise in the west and set in the
    east, approx. Past occurrences of this change have been found in ancient

    5. Interestingly, the New World Order plan to be in power by 2003. This may or
    may not happen, depending on many factors and agendas. Stay centered and follow
    your intuition.

    6. The Zero Point flip will probably introduce us to the 4th dimension. Here,
    everything we think or desire will instantly manifest. This includes love and
    fear. Our INTENTION will be of utmost importance.

    7. Most technology that we know will cease to operate. Possible exceptions could
    be technology based on so called "Zero Point" or free energy.

    8. Our physical body is changing as we approach Zero Point. Our DNA is being
    "upgraded" to 12 strand. A new light body is being created. We are becoming more

    9. The Mayan Calendar predicted all the changes that are occurring now. They say
    we are going beyond technology and back to the natural cycles of nature and the
    Universe. By 2012 we will have entered the 5th Dimension (after the flip to the
    4th Dimension at Zero Point).

    10. All this information is not fearful. Be prepared for changes that will bring
    in the new age of light. We are going beyond money and time where fear based
    concepts are totally dissolved

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    that is goin to happen i think
    I love nepenthes

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    ***stares at article, nevous sweat trickling down her head***

    That's wicked... okay, now I'm scared... I'm going to be fidgeting nervously for the next nine days...

    FlytrapGurl now greatly fears the imminent coming of August 12th
    Liquid Plummer
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    Time for a conspiracy and apocalypse film festival!

    Lawn chain and sunglasses, please.

    Endlessly seeking a hybrid Dionaea muscipula big enough to eat my co-workers.

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    What's going to happen when we enter the fourth dimension? ***fidgets nervously***
    Liquid Plummer
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    I highly agree with TerraX, oh, don't forget the cold lemonade too ,
    Kevin Peterson
    Grosse Pointe, MI

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