I had a houseguest for the weekend. I did everything to accomodate my guest, save for smoking in my home. I'm not some cigarette-Nazi or "born again non-smoker" despite being a smoker at one time, myself.

At any rate, as I escorted my friend to the porch where some of my CP's are growing I began to wonder the "what if's". What if this porch were enclosed? What if the plants were inside and had to endure an inordinate amount of cigarette smoke on a daily, hourly or minutely basis? What if...

Does anyone know the affects of cigarette smoke upon a CP? I realize that cigarette smoke is not a good thing for most beings; such as fish, other pets, people, etc.

I further realize that MOST plants can and will survive quite well in an adverse environment wrought with various poisons. Well, mostly. I know, because I've grown many species of plants in my home over the years that I was smoking and the plants thrived. My lungs, not so much.

Yet, I wonder about CPs.

Anyone have any musings?