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Thread: What is your growlist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Spectabilis73 @ Feb. 18 2004,16:45)]Pygmies:
    Scorpiodes (over 50, every single gemmae sprouted! WOOHOO! thanks so much BCK!)
    I'll remember you said that this November when your cussing me for all the gemmae you have to harvest! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html312/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif[/img] *[img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html312/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    My Grow List

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    My Growlist:

    Drosera nitidula ssp. nitidula
    Drosera capensis ‘Typical’
    Drosera binata ‘T-form’
    Drosera spathulata (unknown)
    Drosera filiformis ssp. tracyii
    Drosera scorpiodes

    Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula):
    Dionaea muscipula ‘Pink Venus’
    D. muscipula ‘Typical’
    D. muscipula seedlings

    Utricularia gibba
    U. longifolia
    U. sandersonii

    Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamenensis AL001
    Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamenensis AL003
    Sarracenia flava seedlings
    Sarracenia unknown hybrid seedlings

    Nepenthes rafflesiana ‘typical-striped peristome’
    Nepenthes gracilis ‘typical’
    Nepenthes ampullaria ‘spotted’
    Nepenthes lowii ‘Mt. Trus Madi’
    Nepenthes hamata
    Nepenthes rajah
    Nepenthes ventricosa
    Nepenthes x ‘Judith Finn’
    Nepenthes maxima
    Nepenthes alata *
    Nepenthes jacquelineae * * *
    Nepenthes villosa
    Nepenthes glabrata
    Nepenthes aristolochioides
    Nepenthes diatas
    Nepenthes inermis

    Heliamphora minor

    Cephalotus follicularis ‘German giant’

    Phalaenopsis orchid (Purple spots on white)
    Oncidium tiger crow 'golden girl'
    Lucky bamboo, assorted cacti, lithops, tillandsia
    Baby Christmas tree, and all of the other “stuff”

    Coming soon in the Neps section:
    N. macrophylla
    N. sp. 2
    and one other that will be named after the posted guessing game in a few days.

    I am expanding my Sarracenia collection big time this spring! Also, while there are not a ton of Drosera species, you should see how many Drosera per pot/ entire growroom there are! Gemmae are exciting for a while, but my 12 or so original nitidulas have given me around 100 gemmaelings in one (smallish) pot. It's quite scary, although I am worried about the space. If anyone has ordered plants from Tony, they are in a pot the same the size as his bigger pots. I will probably move them if I find a suitable pot, if not, I have a super-thick carpet of doom! Plus, the parent plants are still holding out hundreds of little gemmae just waiting to be planted... Aaahhh!! * * *Thanks for looking!!
    * * * * * * * * * * * *Lithopsman
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    I am back..

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    well I can't edit my old grow list here is my updated list
    C. *follicularis

    D. californica

    D. muscipula
    D. muscipula "Dente"
    D. muscipula "Green Dragon"
    D. muscipula "Red Dragon"

    D. adelae
    D. aliciae
    D. anglica
    D. anglica HI
    D. anglica CA x HI
    D. binata
    D. brevifolia
    D. burmanii Bangalore India
    D. burmanii Beerwah, QLD
    D. capensis
    D. capensis “Albo”
    D. capensis “Red”
    D. capillaris
    D. dielsiana
    D. dichotoma "Giant"
    D. ericksoniae
    D. filiformis
    D. filiformis “tracyi”
    D. filiformis “California Sunset”
    D. gigantean
    D. indica
    D. intermedia
    D. intermedia (anglica CA x HI)
    D. nidiformis
    D. madagascariensis
    D. Marston Dragon
    D. multifida "Extrema"
    D. paradoxa
    D. prolifera
    D. regia
    D. rotundifolia
    D. rotundifolia “New Fuest UK”
    D. schizandra
    D. spathulata
    D. spathulata Borneo
    D. villosa var. ascendens

    D. callictos JL
    D. nitiduia ssp omissa (?)
    D. Purcell VRD Fl.WEO370
    D. paleacea stolliklora
    D. scorpiodes
    D. pulchella ssp. Faredale W.A.
    D. paleacea callistoss
    D. paleacea nicwiocalis
    D. paleacea roseana
    D. mtiduda ss. Nit. X D. pymaea W.A. South coast form
    D. occidaustralis Warriup
    D. paleacea ssp. Paleacea
    D. x nitidula x pulchella
    D. x pulchella x ericksoniae
    D. C-1
    D. *pulchella weo 37b red fl.
    D. *ericksoniae x pulchella
    D. *echinublatus
    D. paleacca ssp stellifora
    D. callistos WEO-49 bm Brookton form?
    D. nitidula ssp. nitidula
    D. callistos brookton form lowrie

    G. hispidula
    G. violace x lobata

    H. ionasii (Ilu Tepui)
    H. minor
    H. tatei var tatei av

    H. heterodoxa x minor

    N. alata "boschiana mimic"
    N. alata lowland mo
    N. albomarginata (Penang) Red, clone E
    N. albomarginata "spotted”
    N. ampullaria "green"
    N. ampullaria ‘Red’ CR-29 BE
    N. ampullaria ‘spotted’
    N. bellii
    N. bicalcarata
    N. campanulata
    N. clipeata clone #1 may be (N. clipeata x (eymae x clipeata)
    N. clipeata G. lcelam BB True N. clipeata
    N. gracilis "typical"
    N. gracilis “nigrapurpurea”
    N. hirsuta
    N. insignis
    N. macrovulgaris
    N. merrilliana
    N. mirabilis
    N. mirabilis ‘echinostoma’
    N. northiana
    N. rafflesiana
    N. rafflesiana *‘Elongata’
    N. rafflesiana 'giant'
    N. reinwardtiana
    N. sumatrana
    N. truncata
    N. veitchii lowland

    N. alata Highland red Striped
    N. aristolochioides (Sumatra)
    N. * * so (Gunung Merapi, Sumatra)
    N. burbidgeae
    N. copelandii
    N. densiflora (Sumatra)
    N. diatas (Bandahara)
    N. ephippiata (Gunung Rajah, Borneo)
    N. eustachya red/purple
    N. eymae
    N. faizaliana
    N. fallax (formerly stenophylla)
    N. fusca Sarawak
    N. glabrata
    N. gymnamphora
    N. hamata mo
    N. hamata H75/JK BE
    N. inermis
    N. jacquelineae
    N. khasiana
    N. lavicola (G. Telong, Sumatra)
    N. longifolia
    N. lowii
    N. macfarlanei MT
    N. macfarlanei
    N. macrophylla (Gunung Trusmadi, Sumatra)
    N. maxima JD
    N. maxima (Waghete, Irian Jaza)
    N. mikei *BE
    N. mindanaoensis
    N. mira
    N. muluensis
    N. murudensis
    N. ovata (Pangulubao, Sumatra)
    N. pectinata
    N. pilosa
    N. rajah
    N. ramispina
    N. reinwardtiana pasia red
    N. sanguinea
    N. sanguinea ‘Red’
    N. sibuyanensis
    N. singalana
    N. spathulata
    N. spectabilis
    N. talangensis (Gunung Talang, Sumatra)
    N. tentaculata
    N. veitchii Bareo Highland MT
    N. ventricosa ‘red’
    N. villosa
    N. xiphioides

    N. x bicalcarata x ?
    N. x burbidgeae x edwardsiana MT
    N. x Coccinea
    N. x Judith Finn
    N. x lowii x truncata ep
    N. x lowii x ventricosa red
    N. x Koto “effiugent” LHSN
    N. x macfarlanei x (tobiaca x thorelii) EP
    N. x macfarlanei x ventricosa
    N. x mirabilis gold x mixta superba “Male”
    N. x mirabilis x Otraniama
    N. x mirmda
    N. x ‘Mixta’
    N. x rokko x fusca
    N. x rokko x (thorelli x Coccinea)
    N. x spathulata x maxima
    N. x spathulata x spectabilis
    N. x spectabilis x ventricosa
    N. x ‘Superba’
    N. x thorelii x aristolochioides
    N. x thorelii x (x ventrata x tobaica)
    N. x truncata x (stenophylla x lowii) ep
    N. x truncata x ventricosa red ep
    N. x veitchii x lowii
    N. x ‘Velvet’
    N. x ‘Ventrata’
    N. x ventricosa x maxima
    N. x ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) DP
    N. x ventricosa x talangensis
    N. x ‘Wrigleyana‘
    N. 6 unknow hybrids

    P. agnata
    P. agnata “Blue”
    P. agnata “el labo”
    P. cyclosectia (3)
    P. ehlersiae
    P. ehlersiae CV. Harold
    P. esseriana
    P. gigantea form CP bog
    P. gigantea from Bing Fa Lu
    P. hemiepiphytica
    P. jaumavensis
    P. kondoi
    P. laueana
    P. lutea
    P. moranensis
    P. moranensis CV. ‘Huahuapan’
    P. oblingiloba
    P. planifolia
    P. potosiensis
    P. primuliflora
    P. rotundiflora
    P. vulgaris
    P. vulgaris Kenai
    P. villosa
    P. zecheri

    P. x agnata x gypsicola
    P. x agnata x moranensis
    P. x agnata x meanness x ehlersai
    P. x agnata “Scented flower” x potosiensis
    P. x aphrodite
    P. x ‘George Seargent’
    P. x ‘Gina’
    P. x ‘Pirouette’
    P. x moranensis x ehlersiae
    P. *x ‘sethos’
    P. x ‘sethos’ x gypsicola
    P. *x “Tina”

    S. alata
    S. flava
    S. flava ‘Oabata’ “Heavy Veined” Waltona Co. FL
    S. flava ‘red tube’
    S. leucophylla
    S. leucophylla ‘Dana’s Delight’
    S. leucophylla “Red”
    S. leucophylla “Tarnok”
    S. minor
    S. psittacina
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa
    S. purpurea
    S. rubra
    S. rubra gulfensis
    S. oreophila sand Mt #4

    S. x alata x minor
    S. x “Catsbaei”
    S. x Dixie Lace
    S. x flava x purpurea
    S. x Judith Hindle
    S. x leucophylla x oreophila
    S. x rubra x minor
    S. x rubra gulfensis x mooseri
    S. x “Wrigleyana”

    U. alpina
    U. arenaria
    U. bisquamata
    U. blanchetii white
    U. calycifida
    U. dichotoma
    U. dichotoma ‘Turoa NZ’
    U. gibba
    U. graminifolia
    U. humboldtii
    U. lateriflora
    U. livida
    U. longifolia
    U. praelonga
    U. pubescens
    U. sandersonii
    U. sandersonii 'blue'
    U. subulata
    U. tricolor
    U. tridentate
    U. uliginosa
    U. uniflora
    U. vulgaris
    U. welwitschii
    U. sp-1 unknown
    U. sp-2 unknown

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    OK, here's my latest, not necessarily 100% accurate list:


    Dioneae muscipula (VFTs)
    Green Dragon
    Dente Cultivar
    Red Dragon
    Typical (2)

    Drosera (Sundews)
    D. palacea ssp “roseana”
    D. nitidula ssp nitidula
    D. nitidula x occidentalis
    D. echinoblastus
    D. capensis
    D. capensis “alba”
    D. slackii
    D. nitidula x pulchella
    D. scorpiodes
    D. filiformis ssp. tracyi
    D. dichotoma
    D. dielsiana
    D. alicia
    D. adelae
    D. venusta
    D. rotundifolia
    Plus several more pygmy species (Thanks Tamlin and Dustin!)

    Heliamphora (Sundews)
    H. heterodoxa x minor

    Nepenthes (Highland)
    N. alata "boschiana mimic"
    N. alata luzon "speckled"
    N. aristolochioides
    N. hamata
    N. sanguinea [California Carnivores]
    N. maxima (Tlatatrian Sulawesi)
    N. maxima
    N. mira
    N. ventricosa "red"
    N. lowii
    N. truncata

    Nepenthes (Lowland)
    N. gracilis
    N. raflesiana
    N. albormaringata
    N. ampularia "spotted"

    Nepenthes (Hybrid)
    N. throelli x aristolochioides
    N. x ventrata (alata x ventricosa)
    N. maxima x albomarginata (N. curtisii?)
    N. maxima x ventricosa
    N. hirsuta x vetchii
    N. spectabilis x ventricosa
    N. ventricosa x bongso
    N. ventricosa x ?? (seems like a ventricosa. Good.)
    N. x cocineae
    N. x "efflugent" Koto (mirabilis x thorelii)
    N. x Ile de France [(mirabilis x thorelii) x (northiana x maxima)]
    N. x Petra Giant [ventricosa x (talangensis x bongso)]
    N. x Manny Herrera (miribalis x khasiana)
    N. x trichocharpa (ampularia x gracilis)
    N. x Judith Finn (spathulata x veitchii )
    N. x Splendiana (kampotiana x maxima)
    N. x Holland (unknown hybrid)
    N. x 'home depot'
    N. x Rokko (thorelii x maxima)
    N. x Weigneri ((thorelii x maxima) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta)) or (x 'Balmy' Koto x x Intermedia)
    N. x Wrigleyana [mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)]

    P. laueana 'purple'
    P. esseriana
    P. primuliflora
    P. moranensis
    P. moranensis x ehlersai

    Sarracenia (American Pitcher)
    S. rubra ssp. rubra
    S. purpurea x flava (ornata)
    S. x Judith Hindle
    S. x "tarnok"
    S. oreophila #2 Sand Mt.

    Utricularia (Bladderworts)
    U. bisquamata
    U. lividia

    Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium

    My photos are copyright-free and public domain

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    Here is my little collection of Cps.

    D. Spatulata of some sort
    *N. Sanguinea *
    N. Ventricosa *
    N. x edinenis *- Spelling maybe off
    *D. Dente *
    *D. Common *
    *D. Capensis Red *
    *D. Capensis White *

    * = Doubles


    On a cp note:
    I watched the Simpsons today. The one were Marge gets invited to her richy, annoying, and snoby freinds house. Marge wears the Pink Dress for 90 dollars. From what it looks like Apu was selling VFT's and Sundews at the counter. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html312/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]
    \"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.\"
    -- Oscar Wilde

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