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Thread: California Carnivores 2

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    And I got 200 dollars worth of plants. I got S. flava, S. x readii, D. aliciae, D. filiformis( giant), D. extrema, venus flytrap( red dragon), N. sanguinea, N. x Holland Hybrid, N. thorelli x (x wittei), and N. alata( hairy) with 7 inch pitchers. I'm very happy. I might be able to put in the pictures I took tomorrow.

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    Nice! When I came back from Catalani's I brought back $250 worth of Nepenthes. I know and you know, it is hard to not spend alot at those places! Espically in PERSON! So many plants that YOU get to pick out.

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    You know it! Now whats this Catalani place? And exactly what species did you get? I know I really wanted N. x dyeriana and N. spathulata x spectabilis, but they didn't have anything like that. Speaking of witch, I need to get those pictures up .

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