Quote (fatboy @ Nov. 13 2002,04:33)
If you ever want to do one of those holidays where you swap houses with someone, keep me in mind.[/QUOTE]

That's some kind of joke, isn't it? Someday you may regret having said it.

Although I really have to recommend Liard Hot Springs to anyone driving the Alaska Highway in midwinter. It is literally in the middle of nowhere, 4 hours from the nearest town, with a single hotel across the road. It is barely developed, with just a boardwalk down to the spring. We were there in december and it was about -20 and snowing and the frosty trees were drooping over the pool.

There is a sign at the entrance that says that there is a variety of CPs which grow there in the summer. The ecology is unique because of the heat from the springs.

I never did see -50F, but we had temps in the -30C range for weeks at a time. The snow evaporates before it melts. Having spent most of my time on the wet coast, I have to say that it's much easier to stay warm at -30 than it is to stay dry in the rain.

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