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Thread: Dormancy and repotting

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    hi all,
    i live in tropical singapore where it is hot and humid all year round. is there a need for dormancy for my VFT? also every time i try to repot my VFT it will wither away. why is that so? is it because i snip off all dead leaves when i repot? please help. buying a VFT is expensive in singapore and they are really hard to find in nurseries here.

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    If you haven't done so already, read the Dormancy, Hibernation, Sleeping etc.... thread at the top of this Forum (General Discussions). It covers VFTs and just about all the other CP's. It will give more information about your VFTs dormancy requirements.

    To quickly answer your questions... VFTs need 3 to 4 months of dormancy. Transplanting is best done just as your plant starts coming out of dormancy. This helps to minimize transplanting shock. Especially to the roots which are sensitive to being handled much. Snipping off the dead traps and leaves is fine. Leave the green parts of dieing leaves on. Cutting off the dead traps helps to keep the rest of the leaf green longer.
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    Hi TWK,
    After reading your posting about using potting clay. I have to ask are you using the correct soil after you repot? Or are you tring to use potting clay? If you're using the clay I'd think that would be your problem. Another question is why are you repotting? You only need to repot about every 2 -3 years.
    About your dormancy question, If vft's don't get a dormancy period it will die. You can spray it with fungicide and then put it in the refridgerator for about 3 months.

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