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Thread: Questions on vft dormancy

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    i just bought a local store which didnt give me much information but it said its helpful if it goes in a state of dormancy in the winter, right now it is october and getting colder, should there be any thing special i need to do to "help" it. And i had read somewhere that VFT wont regrow or grow any other plants once they die, is this true or is there a way to regrow plants

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    VFT's to offer here===>

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    Quote (kwazimotto @ Oct. 05 2003,11:15)
    ....i had read somewhere that VFT won't regrow or grow any other plants once they die.....[/QUOTE]
    This statement is a little vague in what they are referring to as dead. If the are referring to the rhizome, then it's true. If, on the other hand, they mean just the leaves, then they are wrong. Many VFTs die back to the rhizome (they lose all the exposed leaves) during dormancy, especially following a freeze. They grow back from the rhizome as the weather warms up.

    You can also start plants from leaf cuttings as long as you get some of the white rhizome on the base of the leaf. Nick, one of the other forum members, recently posted pictures of a trap which had broken off the end of a petiole, that had sprouted a plant when he left it on some damp peat.

    So it's a little hard for me to accept such a black and white definition of a dead plant.

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