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Thread: Potting clay and ph

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    i bought a packet of potting clay. the bag says the clay contains minerals suitable for plant growth. can i use potting clay? i read about using only distilled water to water the VFT as tap water contains minerals that will kill the VFTs.if so will the minerals in potting clay kill the VFTs? also can alkaline soil be used to pot VFTs or only acidic soil is allowed, coz i am not sure if the potting clay mix is alkaline or acidic.

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    No No No !

    Don't use this with your CPs, stick to tried and tested peat-based soil recipes. Most CPs (VFTs, Sarracenias, Drosera, Utricularia etc) need acidic soil that is very low in nutrients.

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    I think Vic pretty much said it all, but to get the point across I'm going to add a few more.
    No No No No.
    Don't use potting clay. Don't use clay for anything, don't even use clay pots!!!! It can release salt and minerals and that can kill vft's.
    I use Canadian peat moss, and sand at roughly 50/50 mix. I also throw in some dried sphagnum moss. You can substitute the sand for perlite.
    If you need help with the mix just email me and I'll be glad to help.

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