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Thread: Isadore...

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    I'v lived through a few up here in NY (yes, they get up here occasionally). When I was a <stupid> kid, I used to climb up trees to the highest branch. Hey, it was fun to get blown an amusement park ride!

    I am sure the keg won't fly away ( unless it's empty! )

    You are not a man/woman until you have been through a hurricane!!


    We GOTTA party! he he
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    YOU! Outta my gene pool!

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    No isadore....

    But we now have Lili

    I think that she is to go through LA as that means no Hurricane party...

    But I still have the Keg!

    I say we have a party for the hurricane not coming through. Then we can have another one for Lili not coming through the next day.

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    I was hit harder by Isadore than someone in the south? Thats funny... My plants got more water than yours! Mleeeeeh ...

    Jeff, I haven't been invited ta drink, c'mon!!!

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    I got to experience a hurricane at the Outer Banks once. I loved it! Me and my friend kept going out on the deck to feel the wind. It was like having buckets of water thrown in your face. And the rain was being driven so hard it came squirting in thru the window sills and under the front door. The house was swaying and the cable TV went dead. All we had was a radio to keep contact with what was going on. The traffic was bumper to bumper with people trying to leave. When the eye moved over us, we went down to beach. It was beautiful in a wicked way. But the sand was driving so hard it hurt so we had to leave. The next day, the sun came out and it was sunny and beautiful. Hard to believe a hurricane had just passed. We caught the edge of hurricane Fran in Richmond...lots of damage. But we are too far inland to get hurricanes to often...usually we just get a little wind and rain.

    I'm going to the Outer Banks on Thursday and unfortunately it looks like Lili will be making it a soggy trip.

    "Fox terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs." - Jerome K. Jerome

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