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Thread: Sphagnum moss

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    Spectabilis73, send me a PM regarding your request.

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    All my moss came from using dead LFS US and NZ commercial types which came back after some time.

    I've got a lot of other mosses possibly sphagnum sp. but some may be from my local climate as the vent to the enclosure sucks air from outside my window almost year round. The mosses grow best in my highland nep & orchid chamber. Some form of moss has started growing on my bench, it's a hint of green now but with all the spores bursting constantly and the wetness of the bench it's only a matter of time before it thickens & carpets the bench-that will be cool I think!
    My lowland chamber doesn't grow moss too well, I don't know if the light is too bright or it's too hot or there's not enough airflow (none) but the mosses I've got seem to preffer the highland conditions.

    Moss is cool!

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    Hi guys,
    If anyone else is in desperate need of live sphagnum, e-mail or PM me. I don't have huge amounts of it left (not until spring when I can get some from my bog garden again).. but I do have enough to trade small "starts" with people who want to try growing it. It's from a temperate environment but I've sent it to friends in FL who say it grows just fine there as well.
    I have a long green type.. a long red type.. and the short, red brown, compact species that small CP's like P. villosa grow in in the wild. Sorry I don't have the exact species identified.. sphagnum identification is rather tricky

    the short red brown one.. this makes very dense hummocks in the wild and is perfect for small plants.
    The long red one.. I love the color and texture of this one.. it looks lovely when well grown
    and a comparision of the three kinds I grow..

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