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Thread: Very frustrated cp novice

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    Hi all, I need some advice and fast, or a few cps will be departing me. I am new to this on this level as some of you that may have read previous posts know. I need to know, when transplanting cps, do you incorporate sphagnum moss to the mixture of sphadnum peat moss and perlite, or not? All my cps have been wrapped in sphagnum moss. Also, how often do you water them? How soon after transplanting will you see new growth?? Mine are in N VA and stay outside all day long. thanks again...

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    Different cp's have different soil requirement. But generaly you can mix in sphagnum moss into the mixture or peat and perlite will do ok by themselves.

    As for watering them you should keep them moist all the time Of course this depends on which cp you have too. For most cp's the best thing to do is to use the tray method, Water until water stands in the tray then water again when it is dry (the tray not the soil).

    As for growing them outside that sounds like the best way to grow most cp's.

    You should see new growth within a month after transplanting.

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